Antique Tours

1 Hour
$350.00/ hr. + $40 Fuel Charge = $390.00
This rate is only available after 5:00 PM and includes service fee, and driver gratuity. Designed for weddings and any other special ocassion.
This rate is available after 5pm and before 11pm. Additional charges may apply for times ending after 11pm.

3 Hours
$170.00/ hr. + $40 Fuel Charge = $550.00
Includes service fee, driver gratuity & fuel charge

5 Hours or more
Sunday through Friday, 2 people $120.00/ hr. + $40 Fuel Charge
Sunday through Friday, 4-6 people $130.00/ hr. + $40 Fuel Charge
Saturday, 2-6 people $130/hr. + $40 Fuel Charge
All rates include service fee, and driver gratuity. 

Travel charge will be added to some pick up locations out of the Napa Area.

Cancellation Policy:
Booking fee will be held by admin for future services.


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